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Next Steps Now That You're Engaged - Tips from Your Trusted Jewellery Store In Red Deer | CJL Diamond Brokers

Jewelry Store Red Deer | CJL Diamond Brokers

Congratulations! You're engaged! We are so excited for you and your new fiancé. As your trusted jewellery store in Red Deer, we understand that planning a wedding can be overwhelming. Still, before you jump straight into venue hunting and dress shopping, you should consider a few things as a newly engaged couple. From finding budget-friendly venues to organizing your guest list, we at CJL Diamond Brokers have a few quick tips that have you covered. Here are our top suggestions for what to do now that you're engaged.


Set a realistic budget: Planning a wedding can quickly become expensive, so it's essential to set a budget. Discuss with your fiancé and family what budget is reasonable as needed. This helps to avoid surprises and ensures you don't start your marriage in debt. Once a budget is set, come to us at your trusted jewellery store in Red Deer, and we can help make your engagement ring and wedding band dreams a reality at a price point you're comfortable with. With options from lab-grown diamonds to a custom engagement ring, the possibilities are endless with CJL Diamond Brokers.


Make a guest list: Establish who you want to invite to your wedding. A spreadsheet is a great way to keep track of guest count. Determine a "must-invite" list – close family and friends - and then allocate the rest of your guest list according to your wedding budget. 


Decide on a venue: Now that you have an estimated guest count, it's time to find a suitable event venue. Booking a platform should be a priority since places get booked quickly, especially during peak seasons. You may want to consider your preferences when picking a venue— glam and grandeur or a simple rustic vibe - to help your wedding bloom with your personality.


Choose wedding attire: Wedding attire is a big part of the day. It involves but is not limited to picking your perfect dress or tuxedo, finding accessories, a headpiece and wedding shoes. Begin the search for your ideal wedding attire early, and include your bridal party's attire into the schedule. This will help avoid unnecessary anxiety and drama as the wedding day approaches.


Decide on a wedding theme: A wedding theme is a great way to give your wedding a cohesive look. Choose a setting that reflects your personality, a coastal theme or a bold colour scheme. Consider bringing a wedding planner on board so that they can help get your unique wedding ambiance to your nuptial day.


Wedding Bands: Choosing matching wedding bands has become a popular tradition recently. Not only do they symbolize the unity of the couple, but they also serve as a beautiful reminder of the special day. Matching wedding bands can be customized with engravings or unique designs to make them even more special. Many couples prefer matching wedding bands to ensure they coordinate and complement each other.


Jewellery Upkeep: Once you've chosen your engagement rings and wedding bands, taking care of them is essential to ensure they last a lifetime. You should remove your wedding bands before swimming or participating in any activities that could damage them. You should also periodically take your wedding bands in for professional cleaning and inspection. At CJL Diamond Brokers, we offer free rhodium plating, repairs and cleaning services to keep your treasures looking their best. 


Now that you're engaged don't let the excitement impede your planning. Remember to prioritize setting a budget, guest count, venue, wedding attire, and wedding theme to ensure that your big day runs smoothly and will be one to remember. As always, CJL Diamond Brokers is committed to becoming a part of our clients' lives by helping to create cherished memories for every milestone you celebrate. 

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