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Jewelry Appraisal Near Me

CJL Experience - Your appointment will be unlike your previous jewellery experiences. Our intimate office allows you complete privacy for everything from regular service or maintenance to custom designing the perfect engagement ring. We have all the tools needed to ensure we can meet all of your jewellery needs but also cater to your comfort. Our calm environment allows us to explain everything you need to know about your jewellery fully, be it the process involved with rhodium plating or how to pick the perfect diamond.

We have redefined what it means to purchase and service jewellery. We take the time to get to know you and exactly what you are looking for before helping you decide the best path to creating it. We can take a picture from your phone and turn it into your dream ring, or we can help you discover precisely what you want. Our expertise in designing jewellery and selecting the best diamond takes advantage of sources worldwide from the comfort of our office in Red Deer.

We book appointments to allow enough time to complete the service you are in for, with a relaxed environment for you to wait in while we process your jewellery.



Request an Appointment

We are the home of the Free Rhodium Plating! For those not familiar, gold is yellow. To make it white, the gold is mixed with alloys that bring a white colour, but it's not bright like we associate with white gold. A bright white metal named rhodium is electroplated on top of the white gold, bringing the shine that we like to see. This layer of Rhodium does wear off over time, and we reapply it for free for any ring (even if it wasn't purchased through us). Think of it as a facial for your ring. Because rhodium plating involves polishing the gold to make it smooth, we recommend getting your ring (or other jewellery) re-plated approximately once a year. Please note that two-tone rhodium plating requires 24 hours.

This is a process that you used to have to leave your ring for up to a week (or longer) for; now it's done in as little as 15 minutes in front of you!

Rhodium Plating

Polishing Yellow Gold Jewellery

Yellow gold (and platinum) doesn't get a rhodium layer applied to it, it's bright and shiny all on its own. But sometimes it starts to look a little tired and needs a polish to bring it back to life. We do that free for everyone, and again while you wait! This is another service we recommend yearly for your jewellery.

Sometimes the jewellery we love and wear every day needs a little bit of maintenance beyond polishing or rhodium plating. We offer a full range of in house jewellery repair services, everything from a chain repair and earring back replacement to refurbishing your great-grandmothers 70 year old engagement ring back to its original glory. Whether it be a ring you need sized or a bracelet that needs a new clasp, each piece of jewellery is professionally assessed while you wait. When possible, the price for the needed repair service is offered up immediately, otherwise you receive estimates soon after the appointment.

Jewellery Repair Drop Off and Assessment

One of the benefits to our more intimate business is that we get to form a better relationship with our clients. We will communicate to you, with your preferred method, when your repair is done and when is the best time for you to come get it. Booking an appointment for this means we know who is coming and have your item ready, and you don't have to wait.

Jewellery Repair Pick Up

This is where we've really changed the jewellery game. Our small, intimate setting allows you to take advantage of internet pricing, while choosing a diamond (or other stone) with our expertise. We strictly choose diamonds guided by our years of experience and gemological training, but buy them directly from the manufacturers all over the world, ensuring you get the best diamond at the most competitive price.

Our world search for stones includes natural mined diamonds, lab grown diamonds or any other stone you are dreaming of.


We will take the perfect stone and design for it the perfect setting. Whether you come in with a picture of what you want, or no clue at all, the finished product will be a piece of jewellery that you love, at the most affordable price possible.

Diamond and Jewellery Consultation

Has your style changed, but you don't want to stop wearing your original engagement ring? Did Grandma leave you something in yellow gold but you only wear white? We can help with that! Take advantage of our design expertise as we remodel your old jewellery into something you love wearing every day!

Remodeling Old Jewellery

Do you have some old jewellery that you no longer wear? Broken chains, mismatched earrings, jewellery from the past? Even gold from teeth. We weigh and purchase the gold as scrap value. We are able to purchase some diamonds, which we evaluate on a case by case basis.

Selling Gold or Jewellery

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