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Gold Buyers Near Me | CJL Diamond Brokers

Selling Your Gold & Precious Metals

CJL Diamond Brokers Red Deer

Jewellery appraisal  and gold buyers near me 

Gold Buyers Near Me


Get the Highest Price

Gold Buyers Near Me | CJL Diamond Brokers



With historically high prices on precious metals, including gold, platinum, and silver, you'll get more for your unwanted jewellery and scrap gold.

How do we get you the best price when selling your gold? Simple, we value at the CURRENT MARKET value and pay you high percentage of spot price!

We provide up-to-the-minute market pricing for gold and platinum. And because we can reuse it in our custom jewellery, we are the final point. No middlemen are taking their cut out of your gold's value. 

Already have a quote to sell your precious metals? Bring it to us for a second opinion. We'll make sure you're getting everything you should.

At CJL, our Accredited Jewellers understand the true value of your jewellery beyond just gold and diamonds. Rest assured, when selling your gold and diamonds, you'll receive top dollar. We are a trusted, family-owned business serving Central Alberta for over three decades. With our professional testing equipment, you'll know the exact worth of what you're selling. No guessing, no tricks - just honest answers.

Same Day Payouts

We understand that there are times when you require extra funds urgently. At CJL, we offer you a convenient and speedy solution – sell your gold to us and get paid instantly! Begin by scheduling an appointment at our exclusive showroom and offices. Your gold will be thoroughly inspected and tested on the same day of your visit.


CJL offers fast and easy gold, platinum and diamond selling. When you arrive in our private showroom, you'll be greeted by our certified jeweller team and walked through the process:

  1. Bring in or ship your items to us

  2. We test the purity of your precious items

  3. We weigh your items

  4. You receive a free, no-obligation sell quote

  5. Get paid on the spot*!

Gold Buyers Near Me | CJL Diamond Brokers

What we Buy

Gold Buyers Near Me | CJL Diamond Brokers

Wondering what you can bring to us and sell? Explore the list below, but if it's gold, platinum or silver, know that we'll buy it. Its condition, age or prior use does not matter! 

  • Inheritance jewellery

  • Broken jewellery

  • Scrap gold, silver & platinum*

  • Gold and silver chains, bracelets,

  • Coins - gold & silver

  • Gold and vintage watches

  • Dental gold (white & yellow)

  • Bullion bars - gold or silver

  • And more...



We also interested in buying diamonds! Bring in your jewelry, and we will assess it for you. Diamonds, unlike precious metals, generally have more consistent values.


To ensure you receive prompt service and a speedy payout, please bring along any certificates of authenticity, original purchase receipts, or any relevant documents. While we strive to verify everything in-house, there may be cases where additional lab testing is necessary for gems and diamonds that lack proper paperwork. This extra effort on our part ensures that we can accurately determine the true value of your precious stones and diamonds.


Our comprehensive services also encompass gold-buying. As entrusted diamond and gold brokers, we assist clients in effectively managing their wealth through strategic gold bullion and diamond acquisitions. Regardless of the desired quantity, our private showroom, accessible by appointment, caters to your needs, providing a seamless experience.


*We do not purchase platinum and other precious metals from catalytic converters.

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