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How Much Should an Engagement Ring Cost?

How Much Should an Engagement Ring Cost | CJL Diamond Brokers

Three months’ salary? Two? The truth is, there’s no real formula for calculating how much an engagement ring should cost. In Canada, the average cost for an engagement ring starts at $1,500. Even if one partner makes the final decision on which ring to buy, it’s very common for couples to look at options together first. At CJL Diamond Brokers, we believe that every engagement ring is unique to each couple—from cut and colour to material and price.

Our boutique ring selection process makes it exciting and easy to select your engagement ring, no matter what your budget! Unlike other jewellery stores, Red Deer’s CJL Diamond Brokers lets you try on custom settings, jewels, cuts and sizes in any combination you can imagine. Have a seat and feel like a princess or prince as you select your bespoke ring design. Our state-of-the-art process allows you to remove and change diamonds or other stones in seconds, opting for square-cut vs. oval-cut quicker than ordering another glass of champagne.

If you’re considering buying an engagement ring for yourself or your partner, start by looking at classic solitaire diamonds set in silver bands. The solitaire engagement ring from our ever&ever collection is a perfect example. Elegant and traditional, the solitaire diamond in silver is affordable but also stunning and available in all cuts—round, oval, emerald, square, cushion, or Asscher, for no extra cost. Further customize this classic ring with a rose gold, yellow gold or platinum band if your budget has room for an extra touch of luxury.

Now that you've found you're perfect partner, let us help you find your perfect ring. Consider viewing our lab-grown diamonds, and for a full list of our engagement ring collections, visit our website or call us for more infromation.

If you’re searching for more elaborate engagement rings, Red Deer’s premier diamond store will find it or handcraft it for you—that’s why we’re your top choice in Red Deer jewellers! Our Gabriel & Co. collection includes rings with more jewels, more gold, more sparkle and more pop, for brides with big taste and a desire for all the sparkle. Or view our Everlee Jewellery collection, designed to fit your everyday life.

Keep in mind that the engagement ring you choose should make your partner happy and suit their style. Take your time, consider shopping together, and find what works for both of you in terms of design and cost. Ask our talented staff for advice! We carry engagement rings from ever&ever, Gabriel & Co., Stuller, and Everlee, as well as our own CJL collection, so believe us when we tell you that we have what you’re looking for.

At CJL Diamond Brokers, we know the answer to the question, “How much should an engagement ring cost?” Just as much or as little as you decide!

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