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The Smart Traveller's Guide: Simulated Lab Grown Diamond Rings for a Worry-Free Summer Vacation

Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings  | Travel Rings

Travelling is an adventure, a journey filled with new experiences and memories waiting to be made. However, for lovers of fine jewellery, losing or damaging precious engagement or wedding rings can cast a shadow over the excitement. That’s where simulated lab grown diamond rings come in—an innovative, stylish solution for worry-free travel! 

Why Consider Simulated Lab Grown Diamond Rings for Your Vacation? 

Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings  | Travel Rings

Peace of Mind 

The primary reason many travellers opt for simulated lab grown diamond rings during their vacations is peace of mind. Whether you're lounging on a beach, hiking through rugged terrain, or exploring bustling city streets, the last thing you want to worry about is losing or damaging your valuable engagement or wedding ring. You can relax and enjoy your trip without anxiety with a high-quality fake ring. 

Stylish and Convincing 

Gone are the days when faux rings looked tacky or counterfeit. Like those in CJL's collection, today's simulated diamond rings are designed to look indistinguishably close to genuine diamonds and precious metals. They offer the perfect blend of style and security, ensuring you look chic while keeping your authentic jewellery safe at home. 


Investing in simulated diamond rings for travel is a cost-effective way to safeguard your authentic jewellery. Losing or damaging an expensive engagement ring can be both emotionally and financially devastating. A faux diamond ring, on the other hand, can be easily replaced without breaking the bank. 

What to Look for in a Quality Simulated Diamond Ring 

Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings  | Travel Rings

If you're considering faux jewellery for your next vacation, choosing high-quality options that won't reveal your secret is essential. Here's what to keep in mind: 

Realistic Appearance 

The goal is to find a faux diamond ring that looks so close to the real thing that even a jeweller might take a second glance. Look for rings that use high-quality cubic zirconia, which closely mimics the sparkle and clarity of real diamonds. 

Durable Materials 

Since you'll be wearing your simulated diamond ring during various activities, it must withstand the rigours of travel. Opt for rings made of durable metals such as sterling silver or stainless steel, which offer longevity and resistance to tarnishing. 

Comfortable Fit 

Comfort is critical when selecting any piece of jewellery. Ensure your fake ring fits well and feels comfortable, even during long days of sightseeing or adventurous activities. 

Where to Buy Simulated Diamond Wedding Rings?  

CJL offers a stunning array of simulated diamond rings that combine elegance with practicality: 

A timeless choice, the Classic Solitaire features a brilliant-cut cubic zirconia set in a sleek band. Its simplicity and elegance make it a versatile option that can complement any outfit, from casual beachwear to evening attire. 

For contemporary fashion enthusiasts, the Modern Twist ring offers a unique design with intertwined bands and a central stone. It's perfect for adding a touch of modern flair to your vacation look. 

Tips for Traveling with Faux Jewellery – How to Travel with Jewellery Safely:  

While bringing multiple pieces of fake jewellery is tempting, keeping it simple is often best. Please choose one or two counterfeit rings that can easily transition from day to night, reducing the risk of losing them. 

If you decide to bring your real engagement or wedding ring, have it insured. This provides an additional layer of security and peace of mind. When not wearing your ring, store it in a secure place like a hotel safe. 

Enjoy Your Travels with Confidence 

Simulated diamond rings and other faux jewellery is an excellent solution for travellers who want to enjoy their vacation without the stress of potentially losing or damaging their precious jewellery. With CJL's stunning collection of realistic and stylish faux diamond rings, you can explore the world with confidence and style. 

Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings  | Travel Rings

Safe travels and happy adventures! 


For more tips on travel jewellery and to browse CJL's collection, visit our website or contact us directly for personalized recommendations

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