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The CJL Experience

CJL Experience - will be unlike your previous jewellery experiences. Our intimate office allows you complete privacy for everything from regular service or maintenance, to custom designing the perfect engagement ring. We have all the tools needed to ensure we can meet all of your jewellery needs, but also cater to your comfort. Our calm environment allows us to fully explain everything you need to know about your jewellery, be it the process involved with rhodium plating or how to pick the perfect diamond.

We have redefined what it means to purchase and service jewellery. We take the time to get to know you, and exactly what you are looking for, before helping you decided the best path to creating it. We can take a picture from your phone and turn it into your dream ring, or we can help you discover exactly what you want. Our expertise in designing jewellery and selecting the best diamond takes advantage of sources all over the world, from the comfort of our office in Red Deer.

We book appointments to allow enough time to complete the service you are in for, with a relaxed environment for you to wait in while we process your jewellery.

CJL Diamond Brokers

CJL Diamond Brokers wants to educate clients about the diamond industry and give them the tools to make an informed decision before purchasing a diamond.

We operate with a unique business model as an appointment-based boutique jeweler in an inviting office setting. We do not believe in traditional high-pressure sales tactics instead, we promote our Knowledge is Power philosophy to help you select the right piece for your style and budget.

We know that your time is valuable so when you visit us, we want to ensure that you have a productive, informative, and enjoyable experience...

About Our Custom service

When you visit CJL Diamond Brokers, whether you are looking for a diamond engagement ring, his and hers wedding bands, diamond earrings or any other piece of diamond jewellery, you will always have a personable experience with Len, our diamond specialists who will discuss your vision, needs, and budget, then present you different options and choices. We search the world for you in finding just the right diamond based upon your preferences and budget. You will be able to compare diamonds of different sizes and qualities side by side and experience firsthand how they affect the appearance, sparkle, value, and price, allowing you to make an educated and well-informed decision. You will never feel pressured to make a purchase you are not comfortable with.

In essence, we ensure that the perfect selection is delivered, each and every time.

Jewellery & Diamond

We want to make this a wonderful experience, so you feel informed and confident in your jewellery purchase. We will sit down with you and educate you on the process of choosing the right diamond for you. We want you to feel secure in the decision of what Cut, Clarity, Colour and Size of the diamond you want that fits your budget. Bring in a picture of the piece you want and we will either find it for you or have it custom made for you. Find the perfect diamond and setting combination and take home a truly unique piece for you in a very easy and affordable way.