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The Top 3 Wedding Band Trends for 2018

After the proposal is over, the wedding planning begins — and one of the biggest things on your to-do list is finding a wedding band to match the sparkler on your ring finger. Keep reading to learn 3 of the biggest wedding band trends making waves in 2018.

The Top 3 Wedding Band Trends for 2018

The wedding band is a symbol of the binding eternal love between husband and wife. Worn long after the wedding day, the wedding band is incredibly important, and is arguably the most crucial piece of bridal jewelry. With that said, wedding bands are still subject to changing trends just like any other piece of bridal or fashion jewellery.

Wedding band trends are like any different kind of trends: challenging to keep up with. However, you shouldn’t let that discourage you. While wedding band trends can be difficult to follow, it isn’t impossible to do.

Continue reading to learn about some of the wedding band trends for 2018 from some the experienced bridal jewellery stylists at Clowes Jewellers.

The Timeless Elegance of the Oval Cut Diamond

This year, you can certainly expect to see the oval cut diamond in a large number of wedding band sets. Formerly known as outdated, the oval cut diamond is making a huge comeback this year.

The oval cut diamond is a spectacular addition to any wedding band. Catching the light in dynamic ways and bound to stand out from the crowd, an oval cut diamond wedding band is a wedding band that doesn’t shy away from being the center of attention.

The Beauty of Rose Gold Bands

Rose gold wedding bands at Clowes Jewellers

Rose gold is a rising trend amongst jewellery pieces everywhere; this is especially true of wedding bands. Typically used in the metal band or as clever accents, rose gold can bring out the brilliance of the colourless diamonds in your wedding ring and add a level of remarkable elegance, such as the pieces in Simon G’s Men’s Wedding Band collection.

The rose gold trend offers a fantastic twist on the classic white gold, yellow gold, or platinum band while at the same time creating a piece that you will fall in love with again and again.

2018: The Year of Colour

Colour seems to be a reoccurring trend amongst fashion jewellery this year. Surprisingly enough this trend is catching on in wedding bands too.

A tasteful addition of gemstones like sapphires, rubies, emeralds, or amethysts can offer a powerful contrast to a wedding band piece and bring out the stunning beauty of a diamond. Additions of colour can also create a level of originality that isn’t often found in other wedding band pieces.

2018 is indeed a year that celebrates the diversity of colour in all kinds of jewellery pieces, and you shouldn’t shrink away from adding colour to your wedding band pairing either.

Choosing Clowes Jewellers for your Wedding Band Needs

Whether you’re looking to follow 2018’s wedding band trends or if you’re hoping to stick to a more traditional timeless design, Clowes Jewellers can help you find the wedding band piece that best fits your needs. In their Red Deer, Alberta showroom, they have a wide selection of wedding bands, engagement rings, and fashion jewellery items.

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Clowes Jewellers is “Where Central Alberta Gets Engaged.” Clowes is an authorized luxury grade bridal jewellery retailer, and proudly serves the nearby cities of Edmonton and Calgary.

For more information on the services, products, and events feel free to visit or visit their showroom today.


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