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The Growing Trend of the Three Stone Engagement Ring

With the royal wedding making waves in the bridal jewelry industry, it’s time to take a look at the engagement ring style that started it all. Read on to learn more about the ring setting that Prince Harry chose for his bride, the ever-elegant three stone engagement ring.

The Growing Trend of the Three Stone Engagement Ring

The three stone engagement ring has, in recent years, transformed from something reserved primarily for fashion jewellery into a design choice for one of the most significant pieces of jewellery anyone can ever buy -- the engagement ring. Some would say that the three stone engagement ring is near its peak of popularity, especially considering Prince Harry of England decided on a three stone design when he proposed to Meghan Markle, the newest Duchess of Sussex.

Many hopeful newlyweds are rushing out to buy the three stone engagement ring and before you follow suit, it’s helpful to know everything there is to know about the three stone engagement ring.

The History and Characteristics of the Three Stone Engagement Ring

Before the Duchess of Sussex wore a dazzling three stone engagement ring, the three stone design had a building popularity amongst engaged couples, starting in 2001 when the three stone style first broke out from its place of relative obscurity. Many jewellery designers had crafted multiple stone rings in the past; however, none became as iconic as the three stone engagement ring.

As the name implies, three stone engagement rings are fitted with three stones. Typically the center stone is larger than the two accompanying ones, which is true in Meghan Markle’s ring, but this doesn’t always have to be the case. Some designers opt for similar sized stones and even incorporate colored gemstones as a way of accenting a colorless center diamond.

The three stones, whether diamond or gemstone, are meant to represent the loving bond between a couple: the love found in the past, the love felt in the present, and the eternal bond of love in the future. Few engagement ring designs come with so much extra meaning, and none do so as seamlessly as the three stone engagement ring.

Three stone engagement rings at Clowes Jewellers

Things to Know Before Buying a Three Stone Engagement Ring

Three stone engagement rings can vary just as drastically as any other ring design. The cut of a diamond is potentially the most influential part of any ring, especially three stone rings. There are many diamond cuts to choose from. For instance, the most popular cut for three stone rings is the round cut. Simple, traditional, and elegant, the round cut is the perfect pick for anyone who wants their ring to radiate a modest kind of brilliance. On the flip side, the spectacular emerald cut is a popular pick amongst those who want stones that capture and reflect light in truly dazzling ways. Few diamonds sparkle as brilliantly as the emerald cut, and one look will take your love’s breath away.

Apart from diamond shape, another major factor in picking out a three stone engagement ring is deciding what kind of stone you want. In many cases, designers used colored gemstones as a way to make a center diamond pop and can make a ring stand out from the rest. Some gemstones that work well in three stone ring settings are sapphires, rubies, and emeralds. Including your significant other’s birthstone can prove to be a heartwarming sentiment. Regardless of what kind of three stone ring you decide to pick up, this striking and symbolic design is bound to impress.

Purchasing a Three Stone Ring from Clowes Jewellers

Purchasing a engagement ring is never easy, even if you are the Prince of England. Fortunately, you can pick out the perfect ring with the help of a professional jeweller like Clowes Jewellers.

Clowes is one of the main jewellery providers in Alberta, Canada, and is known as the place, ‘where Central Alberta gets engaged.’ Based in the Bower Place Shopping Centre in Red Deer Alberta, Clowes has provided the nearby cities of Edmonton and Calgary with luxury grade bridal and fine fashion jewellery items since 1978. Clowes also offers customers professional jewellery services such as jewellery repair and resizing.

To learn more about the services, products, and events Clowes Jewellers offers, check out their website at or visit their Red Deer, Alberta location today.


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