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Lockets: The Up-and-Coming Jewellery Trend You Need to Know

Personalize your everyday look with a locket pendant! Keep reading to learn more about this trendy style and how to incorporate it into any outfit.

Lockets: The Up-and-Coming Jewellery Trend You Need to Know

Few recent trends have hit the fashion world as intensely as the locket. Once reserved for sentimental momentous and cherished family heirlooms, lockets have taken on a more fashionable place in jewellery collections everywhere.

Diverse, beautiful, and sentimental, a locket piece can make the perfect accessory for any occasion, whether you’re at a backyard barbeque with friends or plan on attending an exquisite ball. If you’re hoping to make a statement with your jewellery this year, you should certainly pick up a locket and add it to your collection.

The History of the Locket

Throughout history, lockets have always been recognized as one of the most personal pieces of jewellery. Lockets are often personalized with images or designed in a way that makes them unique from other pieces.

In the past, lockets were passed down from generation to generation and told the story of a family line. Today, they have held onto their sentimental value, while at the same time becoming a fashionable trending accessory.

A locket can be made from any precious metal and be encrusted with any type of stone whether diamond or gem, if you so prefer. With that said, lockets are typically made with yellow gold, white gold, or platinum, and will either be engraved or lined with crystal clear diamonds.

Lockets have taken a new place in modern fashion trends as a highly requested accessory. People are ordering custom-made lockets now more than ever and this could make the perfect gift for a friend, family member, or significant other.

Finding the Perfect Locket

Designers and jewellers will often engrave lockets with personalized messages or symbols that add an extra level of sentimentality to the piece.

One of the many popular locket designers today is Stuller. Stuller’s lockets offer wearers a fully customized experience and are crafted with durability and longevity in mind.

Lockets at Clowes Jewellers

If you’re looking for a religious piece that expresses your faith, the custom lockets from Stuller’s Religious and Symbolic collection could make for the perfect purchase. These pieces are engraved with beautiful religious imagery and would be a good fit as a long-cherished family heirloom.

For those locket lovers looking for something on the trendy and fashionable side, the lockets in Stuller’s Metal Fashion collection are an excellent choice. Crafted with flawless white and yellow gold, one of these lockets would look impressive layered upon a collection of other necklaces.

If you’re looking for a personalized locket or are hoping to engrave a locket with a personal symbol or message it helps to have a skilled jeweller by your side. A jeweller with experience in jewellery customization and engraving could assist you to make a locket piece that is truly yours.

Lockets at Clowes Jewellers

At Clowes Jewellers we understand the sentimental power of the locket and have a plethora of lockets to choose from at our Red Deer, Alberta showroom.

We have a passion for all things jewellery and are proud to be an authorized retailer of luxury-grade bridal and fine fashion jewellery items. Our showroom can be found in the Bower Place Shopping Centre and is known to locals as the place ‘where Central Alberta gets engaged.’ In addition to fine jewellery items, we also provide the nearby cities of Edmonton and Calgary with professional jewellery services like jewellery repair, jewellery cleaning, and custom jewellery design.

To learn more about our locket collection, our other products, or additional services check out our website or visit our showroom today.


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