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Designer Spotlight: Simon G.

Enter the world of Simon G. and find the jewellery piece of your dream!

At the Clowes Jewellers showroom in Red Deer, Alberta there is a broad range of designers to choose from. These designers vary drastically in terms of style choice, diamond settings, and design. Due to this large number of different designers it can be something of a challenge to determine which fine jewelry designer is right for you. For that reason, it is useful to shine a light of focus on some of the many designers housed in the Clowes Jewellers showroom. The spotlight of this article will focus on the prolific New York designer, Simon G.

Who is Simon G.?

Simon G. was founded by a family of artisan jewelers in Los Angeles. Their company's humble beginnings took place in the diamond district of New York City and have now expanded to become a jewelry brand known around the world. Today Simon G. is recognized for their iconic fine jewelry designs that aren’t often found by other designers in the industry. These refreshing designs begin simply as a sketch and from there are polished and refined to create something truly remarkable. Once the look of the piece is perfected, the jewelry is built and set by artisan jewelers. The end product is an astounding piece of jewelry that is bound to turn heads.

Simon G.’s Garden Collection

Seemingly plucked from the natural landscape, Simon G.’s floral Garden Collection takes an entirely different perspective on fine jewelry. Some of the pieces in the collection feature the rare and particularly stunning gemstone, watermelon tourmaline. These gemstones are unique in that they reflect hues of green pink and white which add a unique brilliance not found in many other luxury-grade jewelry pieces. There is a high rate of variety in Simon G.’s Garden Collection, as nearly every earring, ring, bracelet, and necklace is immensely different and just as spectacular as the next.

Simon G.’s Passion Collection

The striking design of Simon G.’s Passion Collection is known for the incredible colored gemstones that are fixed as the focal point for each of these jewelry pieces. Recognized for the attention to detail, Simon G.’s masterclass craftmanship is presented in full form. The Passion Collection contains a number of brilliant designs, offering options for white gold, metal, gold, platinum, yellow gold and even rose gold bands. There are even options for different diamond cuts within the Passion Collection. Whether you’re looking for round cut, princess cut, or emerald cut, Simon G. has a fine jewelry piece that places each of these diamond cut varieties center stage.

Simon G.’s Classic Romance Collection

If you want your engagement ring, wedding ring, or fashion ring to look particularly unique you need look no further than Simon G.’s Classic Romance Collection. Perfect for accessory wear and more formal occasions, the Classic Romance Collection features exquisite geometric patterns that set themselves out from the rest. The designers at Simon G. have decided to go with a less traditional route and have crafted rings that use two or even three-toned gold-colored bands. These intricate ring styles are eye-catching both on the street and down the aisle.

Why You Should Choose Clowes Jewellers

Picking out that perfect engagement ring, wedding band, or accessorized fashion jewelry piece from the beautiful collections of Simon G. can be a challenge, so let the impassioned staff at Clowes Jewellers help guide you down every step of the way. Clowes Jewellers has served Red Deer, Alberta and the nearby cities of Edmonton and Calgary since 1978, and is known by locals as the place “where Central Alberta gets engaged.” Clowes Jewellers’ massive showroom is located in the Bower Place Shopping Center, and houses numerous works by Simon G, as well as other talented designers. To learn more about services, products, and events contact the Clowes offices at (403)346-2720 or take a trip out to the Red Deer, Alberta showroom today.


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